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Paralegal Program Los Angeles

The Paralegal Profession is changing and expanding. Law Firms are using Paralegals more often and with more professional depth. Education is now critical. Our program is headed by a leader in the Paralegal Educational field. We also use the Thornhill Publications material that actually wrote the book for Paralegals. They are also approved by the State Bar as a provider for Continuing Education for Paralegals, which is now required by the State of California.

The program’s 449 hours of training sets the Homestead Paralegal program apart from other Paralegal schools. The training you will receive with our Program will give you an edge to start your Paralegal Career.

The educational objective of the Paralegal Program is to develop the students into job-ready paralegals across a broad spectrum of legal practice areas. The overall instructional plan for the program includes presentation of each subject area’s policy, review of the relevant law (including statutory authority and interpreting case law), review of typical attorney action items in conjunction with correlative paralegal tasks, office procedures and exemplar forms so that the students obtain both breadth and depth in connection with each particular course.

Upon successful completion of the Paralegal program graduates will earn their Paralegal Certificate.

Total program clock hours: 449 Hours (87, 3-4 Hour Class Meetings)

Paralegal Job Outlook
Occupational Employment Projections

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Paralegal jobs are projected to “grow much faster” than the average for all occupations through 2016, with a growth rate of 22% or more a year!

www.CNN’sMoney.com reporting current research by Money magazine and www.Salary.com says that 90% of United States paralegals currently earn a base salary of $39,200 increasing to $40,100 with bonuses. This same research reports the top 10% of U.S. paralegals earn a base salary of $64,900, increasing to $67,400 with bonuses. This study further indicates the 10-year job growth potential of the paralegal profession to be approximately 30%; with growth in the number of jobs being 66,633 over the period increasing total job openings of 84,617.

According to statistics put out by the United States Department of Labor, employment for those in the paralegal profession is projected to grow at a much faster rate than average for all occupations through the year 2016.

Here are some mean annual salaries for Paralegal job careers in top major metropolitan areas that were reported by the Department of Labor and each year salaries are expected to rise.

  • Stockton, California – $66,000
  • San Francisco – $62,500
  • San Jose, California – $61,900
  • Los Angeles – California $60,000
  • New York – New York – $60,000
  • Washington D.C. – $59,500
    Figures are approx. average from census

If you’re looking for a high paying job that does not require a college degree you have come to the right place!