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Job Placement

The benefit of education is in the ability to improve quality of life.  Job placement ranks among the top reasons why students enroll in a program.  And, one of the key performance criteria for any college is the ability of its graduates to attain and maintain employment in the field for which they have trained.

It’s no secret that most of us spend our time gaining expertise in a marketable skill instead of looking for a job.  So, it’s no wonder that although our skill set and competency are adequate we find that many of us may need help when it comes to landing a job.  NIU College has staff whose job it is to guide graduates through the job search jungle.  

Job placement starts from the time of enrollment.  Students are coached-through to exhibit behaviors that employers seek in candidates for hire.  Each of the programs offered at the college are in fields that indicate a strong job outlook.  Students are encouraged to inquire of the job growth rate of the particular industry or occupation they would like to train in.  

A successful job search involves certain steps. 

  1. preparing a resume,
  2. resume exposure
  3. telephone calls and follow up,
  4. scheduling and interview
  5. interview
  6. job acceptance. 

NIU College programs include a career development course where students receive assistance and guidance with each of these areas.  


Every year graduates from colleges the world over, all ask the same question, “How do I get work experience?”  The answer is Externships.  Externship is a type of temporary on-the-job-training. Through externship students that show an appropriate level of skill and good attitude may be offered regular employment at the externship site.  At the very least it gives the student an opportunity to list this experience on his or her resume and obtain a letter of recommendation from the externship supervisor.  For any new graduate, externship is an important part of a successful job search.  

Professional Certification

Another important boost to a resume is professional certification.  Professional certification serves to enhance the job seekers resume by assuring a minimum level of competency in a given field. These certifications are usually earned by passing an examination that is usually offered by an independent examination and certification agency.  

At NIU College, graduates that receive a GPA 90% or greater at completion of program, or are employed for 90 days starting within 6 months of graduating, receive a scholarship for a certification exam ($50.00 maximum scholarship). Upon completing, graduate will receive information regarding third party certification that discloses of the cost of the exam, eligibility requirements, availability of examinations, and application process. The graduate services department will assist students in finding out more about these certification examinations.

NIU College has received approval from the National Center for Competency Testing (, a leading healthcare industry certifying agency, to offer the following certification exams for our students and graduates:

  • National Certified Medical Assistant
  • National Certified Electrocardiographic Technician
  • National Certified Insurance and Coding Specialist
  • National Certified Medical Office Assistant

These certifications not only serve to further validate a level of competency, but also greatly enhance marketability for employment.  Exam review booklets are available as well as scholarships for the cost of the exams, through NIU College.